The only material required for registration is a resume. A sample resume can be found here.

Optionally, attendees can also register for a student presentation or the chapter management competitions. First place in each category will receive a cash prize. More information on how to participate can be found on the student presentations and chapter management webpages. If you want to participate in these events, but don’t have your write-up finished, register for IONS® Orlando today to secure your spot and email with your abstract once it is finished.

Registration will close in early February or after 150 students have registered, whichever comes first.

Registration Fees

University of Central Florida Student: $0

For out-of-town students, hotel will be free of charge for Sunday, March 10th through Wednesday, March 13th.

Travel grants are available for students travelling from the west coast of the US or from other countries.

Trade School/Associate’s Student: $0

OSA Member: $50/ Non-OSA Member: $100 (Note: 1-year OSA membership is $20. Click here to join OSA.)

Kennedy Space Center Admission (optional): $25